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Mac CRM software unifies your marketing, sales, and customer service processes across your company using your Mac. Customer relationship management applications help you manage your prospects and customers through the sales funnel. schedule follow-ups, and close more deals. Related categories include Customer Relationship Management software, Online CRM software, Financial CRM software, Construction CRM software, and Real Estate CRM software.

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by monday

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O é uma ferramenta visual que ajuda você a identificar leads e gerenciar projetos em um só lugar. É uma mistura de CRM e ferramenta de gestão de projetos e é totalmente visual, para que você possa acompanhar todas as partes móveis. É possível gerenciar as interações com os clientes com uma interface intuitiva e visual, promover o crescimento das vendas com um melhor relacionamento com os clientes e criar layouts de quadros para atender às necessidades exclusivas de sua empresa. Consolide as informações e os documentos dos clientes em um só lugar! Learn more about Junte-se aos milhares de empresas que usam o para atender às suas necessidades de CRM! Learn more about

by Insightly

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Insightly is a powerful, easy to use CRM software with native integrations to Gmail, Office 365, MailChimp, and other popular applications. With more than 1.5 million users worldwide in a variety of industries, small to mid-sized businesses use Insightly to manage opportunities at every stage of the sales process, link customer relationships, deliver projects, build quotes, and more. Learn more about Insightly CRM solution for SMB to mid-sized businesses that manages opportunities, delivers projects, links relationships, and builds quotes. Learn more about Insightly

by Salesforce

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Salesforce Essentials makes it possible to build stronger customer relationships with a combined sales and support CRM for small business that is easy to use, setup, and maintain. Essentials ensures that you spend less time in spreadsheets and more time selling by tracking your emails, calls and meetings to automatically keep customer records up-to-date without tedious data entry. Essentials also includes a ton of customer service productivity tools to help make every new customer a loyal one. Learn more about Salesforce Essentials Get started on the #1 CRM with Salesforce Essentials, the all-in-one sales and service solution, for just $25 per user per month. Learn more about Salesforce Essentials

by HubSpot

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Best for companies with 10-1,000 employees. Step into the 21st century with the HubSpot CRM, an easy to use CRM system that eliminates manual work and actually helps your sales team sell. It's free, and you can start using it right now. The HubSpot CRM allows you to keep all your contacts in one centralized, customizable database, automatically logs every interaction for you, and crawls the internet for you, keeping track of over 13M companies (and growing). Learn more about HubSpot CRM HubSpot CRM is the 100% free, flexible, and intuitive CRM that your sales team will love. Learn more about HubSpot CRM

by Pipedrive

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O Pipedrive é uma ferramenta de gestão de vendas criada para vendedores por vendedores. Usado por mais de 80.000 equipes de vendas em todo o mundo, ele ajuda a enxergar o panorama geral e fornece orientações passo a passo para manter todos focados nas atividades que levam ao fechamento de negócios. Nada escapa ao Pipedrive. Ele é fácil de usar e ajuda a manter o foco; portanto, sua equipe vai adorar usá-lo e você poderá confiar nos dados do sistema. Ele é simples de iniciar, mas potente o suficiente para se adaptar a qualquer processo de venda. Learn more about Pipedrive O Pipedrive é uma ferramenta de gestão de vendas que organiza as equipes de vendas. Ele ajuda você a se concentrar nas atividades que levam ao fechamento de negócios. Learn more about Pipedrive


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O amoCRM é uma solução de CRM fácil e inteligente, otimizada para a Apple! Faça da gestão de leads um processo diário agradável com uma interface muito intuitiva e repleta de recursos eficientes. Além disso, o pipeline digital exclusivo do amoCRM permite promover e vender um produto ou serviço automaticamente. Venda melhor e de forma mais inteligente com o amoCRM! Learn more about amoCRM O amoCRM é um CRM fácil de usar. No entanto, é bastante funcional e potente. Pipeline de vendas, acompanhamento de leads, análise e integração de sites. Learn more about amoCRM
Concebido tendo em mente as pequenas empresas, o vCita Online CRM ajuda a organizar, acompanhar e gerenciar as conversas com os clientes. É mais fácil manter os clientes sob controle com uma visão de 360 graus de suas comunicações, acessível de qualquer dispositivo. É possível adicionar clientes imediatamente, iniciar novas conversas com um único clique, rever todo o histórico do cliente, acompanhar agendamentos e pagamentos, adicionar anotações e etiquetas, automatizar visitas de acompanhamento e muito mais. Learn more about vCita Business Management Melhore a relevância de suas conversas colocando seus contatos em um só lugar e gerenciando todas as interações com o cliente em uma solução simples on-line. Learn more about vCita Business Management

by Marketcircle

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EXCLUSIVELY for Mac, iPhone & iPad. Win more business & get more done with Daylite. Follow up when you say you will. Segment leads & customers into targeted lists. Organize all the moving pieces in projects and streamline processes so nothing ever slips through the cracks. Integrate with Apple Mail. Sync your Apple Contacts & Calendar. Work offline. Build customer relationships and execute on plans so you can scale your business. Your customers will think you're superhuman, and you will be! Learn more about Daylite for Mac EXCLUSIVELY for macOS & iOS. Build relationships, win more business, and execute on your plans Daylite does it all in one. Learn more about Daylite for Mac

by Less Annoying CRM

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Less Annoying CRM is a simple contact manager built from the ground up for small businesses. Manage your contacts, leads, notes, calendar, to-do's and more, all from one simple web app. Our product is founded on three core principles: simplicity, affordability, and outstanding customer service. All users get an unlimited free 30-day trial to exhaustively test every aspect of the CRM, and customer service is always free through the phone and email if users have questions. Learn more about Less Annoying CRM Small business software to manage leads, customer information, contact history and reminders, and emails. Learn more about Less Annoying CRM

by Mulberry Garden B.V.

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Stay connected with your business contacts, collaborate as a team and get your customers, prospects and other stakeholders together with all your communication, activities, documents and files in a shared database. Learn more about SpinOffice Mac friendly CRM solution designed as one central location to manage customers, prospects, email, calendar, tasks, and more. Learn more about SpinOffice

by Bitrix

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Highly secure, turnkey intranet solution for small and medium-sized businesses designed for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, business process and knowledge management. Allows better knowledge continuity by moving data from network silos and local drives to a well-protected centralized repository. Wikis, blogs and forums ensure social-enabled knowledge bases for improved teamwork. Learn more about Bitrix24 High-end solution designed for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, and workflow and knowledge management. Learn more about Bitrix24

by Agile CRM

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Agile CRM is a All-in-One CRM with Sales, Marketing and Service automation in single platform. It has sales tracking, contact management, marketing automation, web analytics, two-way emails, telephony, and helpdesk with a simple, clean and modern interface. Learn more about Agile CRM Agile CRM is a complete sales, marketing and service suite designed to let SMBs to sell and market like the Fortune 500. Learn more about Agile CRM

by Harmony Business Systems

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HarmonyPSA supports the entire business lifecycle, from lead generation to contract renewal. It is designed and built specifically for software and services businesses, automating business functions in a single platform, available from the cloud on any device. Learn more about HarmonyPSA The next generation of PSA tool. Complete professional services automation package for software and services businesses. Learn more about HarmonyPSA

by Salesforce

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Sales Cloud is a customizable CRM platform that grows with you. Get real-time customer information and activity in one place, plus insights with dashboards and reports. Connect to thousands of business apps to extend your CRM to every department. Or choose Salesforce Essentials for small businesses to manage customer relationships and grow faster. It's easy to set-up, easy to use and grows with your business. Use customer insights to prioritize intelligently and spend your time where it matters. Say hello to the worlds #1 CRM platform. Manage every stage of your customer relationships across departments.

by Zoho CRM

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O Zoho CRM capacita organizações de pequeno a grande porte com uma solução completa de gestão do ciclo de vida de relacionamentos com clientes para gerenciar vendas, marketing, suporte ao cliente e gestão de estoques e serviços em toda a organização com um único sistema empresarial. O Zoho CRM capacita as organizações com uma solução completa de gestão do ciclo de vida de relacionamento com clientes.

by Kempen Automatisering

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Project / Workflow software for creative agencies: Manage all your projects, processes & customers for all employees in one solution. Azor is a central point for all information related to your projects. Direct insight into project information such as budget, profitability, budgeting, involved participants, activities and costs. Projects, procedures, customers and employees. Thats what its all about. Project / Workflow software for creative agencies: Manage all your projects, processes & customers for all employees in one solution.

by Contactually

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Relationships are your most important asset. So the heart of Contactually is centralizing your contacts so you can extract the most value from those relationships. Spend just minutes per day to reach those that need the most attention with timely, targeted messages and work smart, by automating where appropriate, but always communicating in your voice. These actions leave agents free to do what they do best - build the kind of personal relationships that grow the business. Contactually helps you maintain and strengthen professional relationships.

by Gro Software

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Mac CRM small business platform made for Apple users. Manage your leads, customers and more with the all-in-one Mac customer relationship management platform. Accelerate small business growth and productivity from day one with Gro CRM! Gro CRM is the remarkably easy to use small business Mac CRM platform that is helping Apple users manage their customer relationships.

by Pipedrive

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Pipedrive is a sales-focused customer relationship management tool that teams of all sizes love using. With 80,000+ paying customers spanning across 155 countries, sales teams are drawn in by our CRMs simple yet powerful design that prioritizes usability above all else. When using Pipedrive, nothing falls through the cracks, allowing your team to spend less time filing and more time selling with CRM that is both agile and powerful. Pipedrive is an easy to implement CRM software tool that helps you focus on the activities that drive deals to close.

by Nimble

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Nimble combines the strengths of traditional CRM, classic contact management, social media, sales intelligence, and marketing automation into a powerful relationship management platform that delivers relationship insights everywhere you work. Discover email and contact details for prospects in seconds! Scan business cards to add contacts, send templates, track email open rates, and more from mobile. Experience social crm and turn relationships into revenue! Our social CRM for Office 365 and G Suite transforms who you know into how you grow.

by Copper (formerly ProsperWorks)

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Copper (formerly ProsperWorks CRM) is the #1 CRM for G Suite users. Copper seamlessly integrates with G Suite, gets rid of manual data entry, and is super easy to use. If you can use Gmail, you'll know how to use Copper. Join the over 12,000 customers love using Copper and start selling more with the CRM teams love to use, today. Focus on Relationships, Not Records with Copper and Google. The only CRM built for, used by, and recommended by Google.

by Blazedesk

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Blaze Desk provides your organization with a one fixed monthly fee per user . BlazeDesk grows with your organization. The functionalities of Blazedesk give your organization a total package. A good base to help your organization grow to its full potential. Blazedesk contains the following modules: CRM Project Management Inventory Management Invoicing Customer Support Cloud file storage Client and vendor Extranet Blazedesk is an all in one solution for entrepreneurs with CRM, Project management, Invoicing and customer support in one solution.

by NCH Software

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Create a centralize database of customer information with Reflect to help make better informed business decisions and improve customer loyalty. Create a centralize database of customer information to help make better informed business decisions and improve customer loyalty.

by Salesforce

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Free up your teams with automation and productivity features, keep track of service KPIs with intuitive reports and dashboards, and craft the perfect experience for your customers! Salesforce Essentials is designed for SMBs and offers in-product learning and guided setup flows, so you can get up and running within just a few hours. With Essentials you can offer support over Email, Phone, Social, and Web as well as deploy and customize branded self service support sites with just a few clicks. Get started on the #1 CRM with Salesforce Essentials, the all-in-one sales and service solution.