Event Check In Software

Event Check In software helps significantly speed up the check in process at conferences, performances, and other events. This type of software can be deployed on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as kiosks, and often provides badge printing capabilities. Many organizations use Event Check In software to capture attendee information for lead generating purposes.

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by Bizzabo

(56 reviews)
Bizzabo is the #1 rated event success platform designed to empower midsized and enterprise organization drive strong in-person experiences. Bizzabo enables companies like Forbes, Hubspot, EA Sports reach customer acquisition, retention and brand building through the power of events. Key features include: website creation, registration management, white labeled event app, onsite check-in management, email communication - all within a cloud-based, data-driven, user-friendly platform. Learn more! Learn more about Bizzabo Bizzabo is the #1 rated event success platform designed to enable mid-size and enterprise organizations to reach their event goals. Learn more about Bizzabo
zkipster is the check in and event management software for the world's best events. Event professionals use zkipster for fast, reliable, and secure guest check in, custom online invitations, and smart event analytics. Event management software for the worlds best events. Trusted by global brands and organizations for custom online invitations, guest check-in, and more. Learn more about zkipster - RSVP, Check-In & More Fast, reliable, and secure guest check in app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and more. Get started for free! Learn more about zkipster - RSVP, Check-In & More

by Aventri

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Aventri (formerly etouches) is the first true live connection management platform continuously transforming the way event managers execute their events while transforming the market, Aventri allows clients to create valuable in-person experiences, grow influential communities and expand brands. The platform connects event attendees and drives real-time attendee engagement while capturing meaningful data and analytics to help understand an event's success and provide real-time ROI. Learn more about Aventri etouches is now Aventri. Get a 30 min demo to see it in action! Learn more about Aventri

by Purplepass

(114 reviews)
Full scale cloud-based ticketing platform for online presale, marketing, printed tickets and wristbands, social media, and an array of equipment options for selling at the door and scanning tickets. Whether you manage a performing arts center, organize massive festivals, host small events, or you are putting on a fundraiser, you will have everything you need for an easy and successful event through Purplepass Learn more about Purplepass Ticketing Full scale cloud-based ticketing platform for online presale, marketing, social media, and day-of-event sales and admission management. Learn more about Purplepass Ticketing

by EventBank

(35 reviews)
Manage registrations, collect payments, facilitate smooth check-ins, and print badges onsite directly from your phone with the EventBank Manager App or from the platform, even at multiple events or sessions simultaneously. Speed up your check-ins even more by turning your iPad or laptop into Self Check-in Kiosk and get better with every event you run by analyzing your success on micro and macro level after the event with advanced analytics. Trusted by Deloitte, Facebook, and hundreds others. Learn more about EventBank Deliver smooth onsite experiences with fast QR Code check-ins, multi-session check-ins, mobile badge printing and Self Check-in Kiosk. Learn more about EventBank
Tired of seeing long queues at your check-in desk? With Eventdex, you're guaranteed a better check-in experience for your attendees while you save big on our competitive prices! With our check-in software, ScanAttendee, you can: 1. Effortlessly scan QR codes via our app while checking people in 2. Choose from a variety of options to manage on-site payments 3. Print customized badges at the touch of a button. Clients: CVS, Cisco, University of Buffalo, NMSDC. Learn more about Eventdex Event Management Software Have attendees spend time checking in and more time engaging with others. Scan QR codes, manage payments & print badges with Eventdex! Learn more about Eventdex Event Management Software

by Thunder Data Systems

(159 reviews)
One platform for event sales and guest check-in starting at $39/mo. Control your events, coupons and customer data. Collect donations, sell products and eGift Cards with redemption and balance tracking. ThunderTix won't charge your customers fees but you can optionally charge fees and collect all revenue. Check in guest with our free scanning app, barcode scanners or electronic guest check-in. Take a test drive with our free trial today! Learn more about ThunderTix Sell tickets online with no fees and track customer data. Use the iOS App or handheld devices to scan/sell barcoded tickets real-time. Learn more about ThunderTix

by SocialBungy

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IN-PERSON experiential marketing software to help capture leads, acquire social media followers, run contests, & engage your audience. Learn more about Social Bungy IN-PERSON experiential marketing software to help capture leads, acquire social media followers, run contests, & engage your audience. Learn more about Social Bungy

by Boomset

(36 reviews)
Boomset offers solutions to enhance the on-site event experience. Used by more than 1,000 organizations in over a dozen countries worldwide. Automate marketing efforts and simplify the registration process with products like on-demand badge & wristband printing, custom-branded self-check-in kiosks, lead retrieval, multi-session management, RFID tracking, and more for a seamless on-site event solution. Ask about the full service event kiosk, Evosk(TM)! Learn more about Boomset Integrated Guest Check-In Software, On-Site Badge Printing, RFID Management, Session/Attendee Tracking, Self Check-in Kiosks and more! Learn more about Boomset

by Accelevents

(61 reviews)
Provide your attendees with an end-to-end experience with our event ticketing platform. Use as a standalone service, or combine with our mobile silent auctions to create a seamless transition from ticket purchase to donation for your donors. Accelevents' ticketing costs only $1 per ticket plus 1% of the ticket sale amount (all fees can be absorbed by your ticket buyers). Create custom ticket types and begin selling online in minutes. Learn more about Accelevents Use our ticketing and silent auction service to provide your guests with a seamless experience, from ticket purchase to donation. Learn more about Accelevents

by Eventtia

(35 reviews)
Eventtia is the most intuitive event management software in the market. We help event organizers to make a bigger impact, work smarter and create better events. From creating an event website to checking attendees and tracking them on site, from sending email marketing campaigns to connecting your attendees with highly quailified one-to-one meetings, we've got you covered. Eventtia's powerful, simple and flexible interface will give you tremendous autonomy. Learn more about Eventtia Eventtia helps event organizers to create better events with a powerful yet simple and intuitive management platform. Learn more about Eventtia

by VolunteerLocal

(79 reviews)
VolunteerLocal is the easiest way to organize, manage, schedule and communicate with volunteers. We offer a fully functional free service (no ads) as well as paid versions with advanced features. Whether you need a dozen or several thousand volunteers, our system will make your job easier. Your volunteer makes shift selections on a single page and is never required to create an account. Your volunteers will love you for making it so simple, which is why we call it Happy Volunteering. Learn more about VolunteerLocal VolunteerLocal is a website for anyone who needs to organize, manage, schedule and communicate with volunteers. Learn more about VolunteerLocal

by Event Ready

(12 reviews)
We specialize in software for all events that need tools to address their business rules not ours. This comprehensive software is easy to use and has tools such as call for papers, interactive floor plan, exhibitor registration, accreditation, mobile apps, membership and CRM integration, email tools and 24/7 reporting. Our onsite solutions include Self check-in & registration kiosks, session scanning and lead retrieval. Learn more about Event Ready Online event registration software that manages and executes every task that goes into creating and launching a successful event. Learn more about Event Ready

by Sparxo

(67 reviews)
Create better events and sell tickets directly on your site with no redirects. Sparxo is trusted by event producers who care about retaining the community around their brand. The platform is easy to learn and easy to use making it easy to set up online ticket sales, registration, and onsite check-in. Embed ticket sales on your website, design modern splash pages, and discover your returning customers with our smart guestlists. Sparxo is mobile compatible and easy to use. Learn more about Sparxo A social registration platform built for event-driven organizations who care about their maintaining their brand. Learn more about Sparxo
Does your club software feel extinct? Motionsoft provides advanced software technology starting at $199 per month per location that is trusted by the most recognized brands in fitness. Modernize your club operations with cloud-based club management software that is easy to use and full of powerful tools to help your business realize operational and financial efficiencies along with insightful reporting and integrated billing. Learn more about Motionsoft Gym Software Modern membership software to make your gym more efficient with integrated billing, member management, and a granular reporting tools. Learn more about Motionsoft Gym Software

by Kindred Byte

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SpeedIn is not your typical event check in app. We do not sell or take a commission on your tickets. We provide a simple and speedy experience for you to control access based on members and their families or groups. Use key fobs and an RFID scanner or simply search by member or family. Check in members quickly, verify that only members get access, avoiding lines and reducing your cost. Learn more about SpeedIn SpeedIn is the app to easily check in members and their families, either for the day or for events. Learn more about SpeedIn

by Ticket Tailor

(113 reviews)
Cut out the middle man and sell tickets direct to your attendees. - Flexible plans with no contracts - Low fees (save thousands) - Get paid directly via Stripe or PayPal - Fully customise your box office - Embed booking forms in to your website - Collect, keep and own your attendee data - Free check-in app - Integrate with your favourite tools via Zapier - Discount codes and voucher codes Learn more about Ticket Tailor Low fees, no fuss. Ticket Tailor is an easy to use ticketing platform that puts you in control of your event ticketing. Learn more about Ticket Tailor

by Pixable

(1 review)
Smart event management software with a mobile check in app that syncs across all devices, realtime analytics & import of guests. Smart event management software with a mobile check in app that syncs across all devices, realtime analytics & import of guests.

by SpinGo

(5 reviews)
SpinGo is an event management solution that event makers actually love to use. SpinGo is a powerful, easy-to-use technology that allows B2C fairs, festivals, expos, conventions, and trade shows to handle all of their ticketing, registration, check-in, and vendor management all in one place. Coupled with dedicated customer support, SpinGo is perfect for events that are looking for a software that will grow with their event. Schedule your free demo today! SpinGo is an event management solution for B2C fairs, festivals, expos, trade shows, and conventions that want to grow their event.

by XING Events

(3 reviews)
XING Events is an easy to use event management software for online ticketing and event registration. Create your own event website in just a few steps - your own ticketshop included and without any programming efforts. As experts in the field of event management, XING Events will also advise you in any matter of attendee management and event marketing. You only pay fees, when there are real registrations for your event. Online ticketing and event registration. Website, ticket shop, email marketing and more. Fees only for real registrations.

by Picatic

(125 reviews)
Picatic is the internet's most customer-friendly, simple & affordable conference registration solution. Our full-featured platform enables conferences of any size to create a stunning event website, add ticket sales to an existing site, and manage everything in one place. Trusted by thousand of organizers around the world, Picatic is rated #1 in customer satisfaction. Picatic provides event ticketing and registration tools that power the worlds best conferences.

by EventRebels

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A versatile system that automates & integrates more of the Conference registration & marketing activities to increase attendance. A versatile system that automates & integrates more of the Conference registration & marketing activities to increase attendance.

by Attendium

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Guest list system that helps manage multiple events and venues, search for and check in your guests, and track statistics. Guest list system that helps manage multiple events and venues, search for and check in your guests, and track statistics.

by Azavista

(6 reviews)
Azavista all-in-1 online event platform provides an easy & affordable solution for all types of business meetings, events & conferences. The robust & user-friendly technology handles everything - registration, email marketing, change management, travel, budgeting, supplier procurement, etc. Azavista has addressed the pain points of corporate event managers and created a tool that provides all the essentials to efficiently handle all event details, ensuring a great event experience for everyone. User-friendly, robust, and customizable all-in-1 event management platform for corporate event managers & conference planners.

by Guest Manager

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Upload guest lists via Excel, SMS messages, email, etc. Check in guests offline from your iPad or iPhone. Syncs across all devices. Upload guest lists via Excel, SMS messages, email, etc. Check in guests offline from your iPad or iPhone. Syncs across all devices.

by Cvent

(11 reviews)
Cvent's OnArrival is a mobile app that allows planners to manage event and session check-in, print name badges wirelessly and on-demand, swipe a credit card to collect outstanding balances, and much more all while seamlessly syncing the data between OnArrival and Cvents Event Management system. Self-service event check in app that enables planners and event staff to check attendees and search the list of current registrants.

by Evenium

(28 reviews)
Evenium Net is the most comprehensive, affordable system to create events, invite & register attendees. Quickly configure ticket types & payment options, customize registration forms, images & badges. Easily create/import agendas & guest lists, then email custom invitations with links to register on your website or one Net automatically creates. Use our free check-in app and/or deploy our interactive app ConnexMe. Create a richer more engaging experience & spend less time managing the event! Evenium Net is the most complete, most affordable event registration, invitation, and badging solution. Streamlined and easy to use.


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Take participant engagement of your event to a new level with NVOLV Event Mobile app. Join an elite group of leading organizations and brands who trust our mobile app to boost the networking capabilities, educational depth, and attendee experience at their events. Whether you're organizing a corporate event, festival, trade show, or conference; NVOLV offers a simple and beautiful experience that is like no other. Branded Event App for Conferences and Corporate Events that engages your attendees and Sponsors. In-depth Analytics and live engagement
At CrowdCompass by Cvent, we create awesome mobile event apps that increase attendee engagement and produce a strong return on investment. As the premier event app developer, we provide mobile apps for conferences, tradeshows, meetings and events that range in size from 50 to 50,000 attendees. Our solution is an integrated component of Cvents event management platform the most comprehensive in the industry. CrowdCompass is the world's largest developer of mobile event apps and conference apps.

by EventsCase

(17 reviews)
Easy-to-use, multi-user, multi-event and multi-session. If you are constantly organising big events with hundreds to thousands of attendees, it must be a challenge to iron out your guest lists all the time. Through this mobile app that your staff members can download to their mobile devices, you get to manage your events better and eliminate any chances for human error. The EventsCase event check in app is one of the most straightforward solution; easy-to-use, multi-user, multi-session & multi-event.
Intelligent guest list and event registration software for tablets, smartphones and web. Uploads from Excel, speeds up event check-ins, syncs on multiple devices and keeps contact data tidy. An all-in-one mobile event management solution including the features: custom registration pages, e-invitations, check-in, QR scan, send QR tickets, print badges, insightful event statistics, send feedback emails, VIP arrival alert and much more. Available in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. #1 Guest List & Event Registration App. Uploads from Excel, eases entry check-ins, syncs on multiple devices & keeps contact data tidy

by Event Farm

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Check-in system that allows you to create a registration page, track referrals, review your attendee lists, and track RSVPs. Check-in system that allows you to create a registration page, track referrals, review your attendee lists, and track RSVPs.

by EventNut

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EventNut provides modern event sites and professional tools, like integrated badge printing, without the high fees! Save $5+ per ticket, compared to other sites. Developed by software veterans with the help of event planning experts, EventNut seeks to enhance the experience of event planners and attendees with stunning event websites that defy the status quo and pro features generally found in much more expensive tools. Start saving today! Provides a platform for online event ticketing that is highly customizable and easy-to-use with superior features at a budget cost.

by Qmeeto

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Qmeeto is for corporate events and meetings. An all-in-one event management platform designed to help event planners offer a more professional and personalised experience for their corporate attendees. Planners can manage rsvp, registrations and event checkins. Send personalised branded email campaigns, build a single to multi page website with registration page. Report on attendees and registration progress. Checkin using the Qmeeto app which syncs to all your devices and accounts Seamlessly manage RSVPs, Registrations and Checkins from one easy-to-use system. For corporate event teams and event planners.

by netAmbition

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Mobile friendly solution for event marketing. Features include analytics, ticketing and registration, social networking, and CRM. Mobile friendly solution for event marketing. Features include analytics, ticketing and registration, social networking, and CRM.

by GuestQueue

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A complete guest list event check-in app for nightclubs, event organizers, and promoters. A complete guest list event check-in app for nightclubs, event organizers, and promoters.

by Social Tables

(21 reviews)
In 2011, Social Tables set out to change the way events are sourced, designed, and executed with better collaboration between planners and properties. Today, Social Tables is an innovative platform offering the hospitality industrys leading online solutions for event sales, services, and group distribution. According to STR, hotels that use Social Tables see a 1.82% increase in F&B profit per occupied room, and Zapier says Social Tables is one of the 10 best event management apps in the world! Social Tables is the #1 software for planners and properties to work together online.

by SevenRooms

(6 reviews)
SevenRooms is a platform for hospitality operators to acquire, engage and understand their guests. Founded in 2011 in New York, the reservation, seating and guest management software offers operators the ability to drive reservations across multiple marketing channels, personalize guest experience online and offline, re-engage guests to drive repeat visits and move business forward through actionable insights. Present in 100+ cities worldwide serving premier dining, hotel and nightlife clients. A reservation, seating and guest management solution for hospitality operators to acquire, engage & understand guests.

by Connect Space

(5 reviews)
Built for State Associations and Corporate teams of 2 or more people. CS Desk is a connected event platform that enables planners to effectively manage all of their events. We want to accelerate your event success, not stifle it, so we made CS Desk easy to learn and provide you with the support you need to get things up and running quickly. Quickly check in attendees, so they can quickly get to the exciting things your event offers instead of being stuck in line! Digital tools for companies to get business done with functionality for events and meetings.


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Attract and retain more attendees at both public and private events. PLAYEN's Unique Over-The-Top TIcketing platform preserves the value of your main tickets while delivering extra value offers to your audience, plus: live mobile interaction,"meet people" features, direct audience messages & notifications. Free website or app serves both users and organizers via Web & natively on IOS or Android. Attract and retain attendees - Over-The-Top Ticket offers, localized promotion, extra value offers, two way direct interaction

by Eventdrive

(3 reviews)
Eventdrive is THE end-to-end platform to manage your corporate events. Invite and register your guests easily thanks to our email management system and our website builder. Imagine valuable experiences where you engage your attendees and strengthen your community through your mobile app while gathering meaningful data to measure your event success and ROI. You needed it, it's all there! It's just missing you. Visit our website to learn more! THE all-in-one event management software to create your corporate events: project management, marketing, experience, performance...

by Aqxolt

(1 review)
A cloud based, full-featured event management system, scalable to the largest organization requirements. Event RoK is a comprehensive & customizable event management solution helps to reduce no shows and improve customer retention by sending confirmations, reminders and follow-ups and communicate directly with your customers. Events, tours and classes Resources, rooms & locations People or Staff Appointments. Private social networking and Portal that support attendees and sponsors to engage. All-In-One cloud event management system offering event scheduling, promotion, ticketing, payment, event check-in and reporting.

by Diobox

(1 review)
All-in-one platform providing everything you need to seamlessly and efficiently manage the entire event lifecycle. It includes features for guest lists, email invites, and registration with a best-in-class iOS app. For ticketing, use marketing tools to increase your revenue by publishing a branded event website. Or embed the entire process on your own site. On event day, seating charts, POS integration, and fast QR check-in enhance the guest experience to make your event more successful. All-in-one platform to manage the entire event lifecycle with tools for guest lists, invitations, ticketing, tables, check-in and more.
The one and only check-in solution you will ever need. Over 2,500 businesses use One Tap Check-In to manage their events, members, guest lists, and customers. So throw out those paper check-in sheets and start checking-in using One Tap Check-In. Create lists in three seconds. Drag & drop Excel sheets. Cut your check-in time by half! Collaborate with the whole team. Create an account in less than a minute on our website. Check-ins made simple and easy!

by TicketNetwork

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ezEvent is an online event creation platform perfect for any organizer looking to setup their event and start selling tickets to their attendees in minutes. With ezPayment, organizers can collect their order payments daily, so they can put that money back into their event preparations. ezEvent's basic service is free. The only fees charged are for credit card processing, making ezEvent consistently the cheapest product in the industry. ezEvent is a cloud-based event management software to create tickets, track event data, and promote events on social media.

by Certain

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Event check-in solution for event planners that includes shorten check-in lines, scan-and-go check-in, and attendance tracking. Event check-in solution for event planners that includes shorten check-in lines, scan-and-go check-in, and attendance tracking.

by Teamgo

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Offer stylish entry to your event! Perfect solution for conferences, meet-ups and workshops. Impress your attendees with a self-checkin kiosk, instant badge printing and full reports so you can review and measure the success of your next event. Setup new events quickly with just a few clicks including importing from Eventbrite or Meetup. Add and update attendees before and during an event. Welcome your guests with iPad self check-in or assisted on iPhone/iPod. Design and print custom badges. Quick, easy event registration and check-in system with badge printing, attendee management and integrations with Eventbrite and Meetup

by GuestDay

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GuestDay on iPad makes onsite guest registration simple and elegant. Perfect for investor conferences, corporate retreats, concerts and weddings. Search for guests by parameters like name, table, or department. Check attendance "live" in the top left corner at a glance. Add new guests, check arrivals, change seating plans, and edit guest details on-the-fly. We've supported events teams in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore, and are available anywhere there is Internet. Lets you check in and seat guests using name search and QR codes. Perfect for corporate events and weddings.
Every month, millions of dollars worth of reservations and ticket sales are sold through the CellarPass guest management platform. Join CellarPass to book more tours, tastings and sell more wine. In just a few days, your business will rise to the top by allowing guests to book reservations or buy tickets to your events to qualified guests 24/7. For over 8 years, CellarPass has been the leading reservation platform for wineries, breweries and distilleries in the U.S.

by Wiretouch

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Check-in solution for both SaaS and corporate guest management programs. Check-in solution for both SaaS and corporate guest management programs.

by Pseudoscops

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Identity and event management using QR codes. Share details that organizers need and you approve without giving away your privacy. Identity and event management using QR codes. Share details that organizers need and you approve without giving away your privacy.

by AppCraft Events

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AppCraft Events is a Parisian Start-Up settled in Station F (Worlds Biggest Start-Up Campus). AppCraft Events offers all-in digital solutions for B2B event management. Spend less time managing your events, use digitalisation to reduce costs, put some interactivity and gamification to make your events remarkable and stimulate your participants, measure performance to a better quality of your events. Build customized mobile apps that engage attendees before, during and after your events through numerous Plug & Play features !