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Web-based data management and analysis software for scrap yards, recycling centers, and processors.

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Jim M.
Usou o software para: Não especificado
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Worst software program I have ever bought.

1 há 5 anos

Comentários: Worst software program I have ever bought. Software was built to purchase California redeemable aluminum cans, not to purchase scrap metal. Paid extra for two days of onsite training, only problem was the representative that showed up, who was some guy they hired that worked at Best Buy, didn't know what he was doing. He spent the first day trying to get the software working and every time I had a question about how to do something he had to call the office to get the answer. Lost tickets, screens locking up, missing data were some of the problems we experienced on almost daily basis. Every version update that was sent out to fix a problem, created a new problem. After finally finding a version that somewhat seemed to work I quit updating to their newer versions out of fear of having more problems and dropped their support, which is was not a requirement. The next time I had a problem where the software quit working all together, they wanted me to pay for all the back support fees before they would fix the problem, which equaled several thousands of dollars but there was no mention of paying for back support prior to them fixing any problem in their contract. And they have no provision to purchase support on an hourly basis to fix problems should you decide not to purchase a support agreement which cost per year at the time. I wish I could say something good about this software but I can't, it was a nightmare from the first day we started until we finally said enough is enough.

Jim T.
IT Director, EUA
Energias renováveis e meio ambiente, 11-50 funcionários
Usou o software para: Mais de dois anos
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Not worth the effort!

1 há 4 anos

Comentários: We've been using the basic functions for over ten years. The bells and whistles that make a product shine were not there so we had to add them ourselves. Some very basic functions -email & backups -weren't there. The most basic feature - inventory control never worked - we constantly show huge negative amounts of product. The problem was mostly outbound loads being decremented multiple times yet they could never fix it.


The basic functionality is actually fairly intuitive.


We've had Buyback over 10 years. When we first started out with them we had a few problems and they would address the issues promptly. We had quite a few suggestions for them and they implemented them in their updates. All along we had a problem with tracking inventory that they just could not fix. We stuck with the product mostly because of the huge investment we had made - hardware, software and support for 2 locations was easily 100K + It got to the point that we knew more about the system than they did. We dropped support and have been running on an old version that was at least stable. As the other review noted, if you drop support and need support later, they won't help, even on a time and charges basis - you need to pay all the back support!! *The software comes with a bunch of ready made reports, most of which are useless. Even the tickets are bare basic. Fortunately all of the tickets and reports are Crystal based and we have created our own. *No email capability - we use a third party (Logicity Solution Builder - fantastic product & inexpensive) product to automatically email reports. *No automatic backup - you need to manually backup data and images separately from within the program and it will only back up to an external drive. We had to write our own SQL script to perform automated backups. *Compliance reporting - at the time, Massachusetts had no state reporting requirements but the local municipality did. They refused to do the city. I believe they use offshore programmers so getting fixes done quickly is not an option. We are finally moving to another product that appears to address the needs of a larger recycler. Buyback is probably OK for the smaller Mom & Pop scrap operation but that's about. Unfortunately for the Mom & Pops it's way overpriced.