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Any governmental agency involved with managing property regulations and assets with a focus on small to mid-size local government towns and municipal authorities.

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  • Implantação Nuvem, SaaS, web
    Instalado - Windows
    Celular - iOS nativo
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  • Formação Pessoalmente
    Ao vivo online
  • Suporte Horário comercial

Dados sobre o fornecedor

  • Carroll Engineering
  • http://www.munilogic.com/
  • Fundada em 2004

Sobre o MuniLogic

MuniLogic is enterprise-wide Municipal Management Software - it is used by every department, every day. It facilitates two primary functions; business processes and asset management. Management modules include; Property Management, Complaints, Requests, Permitting, Licensing, Code Enforcement, Subdivisions, Zoning Appeals, Real Estate Tax, Sanitary/ Water/ Storm/Roadway Assets. The software is powerful and easy to use. It includes full GIS Mapping, Document Management, and robust Reporting.


Recursos do MuniLogic

  • Controle de ervas daninhas
  • Geração de cartas
  • Gerenciamento de documentos
  • Gerenciamento de fotos
  • Gestão de casos
  • Gestão de inspeções
  • Histórico de infrações
  • Manutenção de códigos
  • Manutenção de tarifas
  • Planejamento e zoneamento
  • Sistema de informações geográficas (GIS)
  • Análise espacial
  • Compartilhamento de mapas
  • Criação de mapas
  • Código de cores
  • Etiquetagem
  • Exportação de imagens
  • Geocodificação
  • Gestão de imagens
  • Imagens em 3D
  • Integração de dados censais
  • Interoperabilidade
  • Mapeamento de Internet
  • Cobrança de serviços públicos
  • Compras e recebimento
  • Cumprimento do código
  • Elaboração de orçamentos e previsões
  • Emissão de licenças
  • Emissão de permissões
  • Gestão de ativos fixos
  • Gestão de conformidade
  • Gestão de estoques
  • Gestão de pedidos de trabalho
  • Portal de autoatendimento
  • Tributação e avaliação
  • Banco de dados do cliente
  • Gestão de compromissos
  • Gestão de expedição
  • Gestão de terceirização
  • Impressão no local
  • Modelos de relatórios
  • Rastreamento de equipamentos
  • Reconhecimento de voz
  • Relatórios com fotos
  • Banco de dados do cliente
  • Cobrança e faturamento
  • Custos do trabalho
  • Gerenciamento de documentos
  • Gestão de ativos fixos
  • Gestão de conformidade
  • Gestão de contratos
  • Gestão de pedidos de trabalho
  • Gestão de projetos
  • Gestão de solicitações de atendimento
  • Manutenção de equipamentos

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Munilogic Review

Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 11/03/2015
Cathy W.
Executive Secretary
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1 / 5
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Comentários: In the public works department, I do not think that munilogic has saved us any time with the daily road problems within the township. It's not a paperless process since you need to print two copies one for employee doing work and one for office. We did use Action Request Forms which were a two part form. Answer the phone, fill out the form and give one copy to a worker to complete road problem and keep other copy for office. It was marked completed when job was done, yellow copy was trashed and never looked at again. With munilogic, you are constantly on the computer either recording, completing or printing. It's a very time consuming system for a very busy department. The Foreman munilogic program is constantly breaking down and has been down for two weeks and is down as I'm typing this. I believe Munilogic is probably great for Code Enforcement but not public works.

Resposta dos fornecedores

por Carroll Engineering em 03/04/2015

These are procedural issues that are misunderstood by the user. In addition, we were never informed of a computer being down - we can't fix, what we don't know about. This is not a true representation of our software.

Very satisfied

Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 10/03/2015
Laura H.
Administrative Assistant
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Recursos e funcionalidades
Suporte ao cliente
Relação qualidade/preço

Comentários: Richland Township has been using the munilogic system for many years. Carroll Engineer set up the program and trained all of the employees on how to use the program. We use the system almost everyday. We do have some issues at times but Carroll Engineering has worked with us to resolve them. Overall I think the system works for the needs of Richland Township.

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