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Small and medium-size cost-conscious companies that want to improve communication, teamwork and retain their best talent while keeping administration overhead to a minimum.

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  • 4.5 / 5
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    Pricing starts at $89/month (when billed yearly) for up to 10 users.
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    Cloud, SaaS, Web
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  • Primalogik Software Solutions
  • Founded 2012

About This Software

An affordable and easy-to-use performance management solution. It brings together performance appraisals, goal tracking, 360-degree feedback and opinion surveys into one simple and integrated platform.
Capture feedback from colleagues, managers and subordinates to get a broader view of every employee's skills, competencies and behaviors. Primalogik 360 simplifies and automates your 360 feedback survey process. Try it for free. Get started in seconds with minimal configuration required.

Primalogik Features

  • Aggregate Reports
  • Comparative Reports
  • Customizable Questions
  • Group Summary Report
  • Individual Reports
  • Question Library
  • Rater Selection
  • Rater Tracking
  • Self Service Portal
  • Supports External Reviewers
  • Benchmarking
  • Feedback Management
  • Goal Management
  • KPIs
  • Prioritization
  • Progress Tracking
  • Strategic Planning
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Appraisal History Tracking
  • Compensation Management
  • Custom Rating Scales
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Objective/Goal Setting
  • On-going Performance Tracking
  • Peer Appraisals
  • Self Service Portal
  • Self-Appraisals
  • Skills Assessments

Primalogik Most Helpful Reviews

User Friendly with Excellent Customer Service Support

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5 / 5
Ease of Use
4 / 5
Features & Functionality
Customer Support
Value for Money

Comments: I had a very hard time (about 2 years off and on) finding a software that would give me everything I need for tracking and managing employees in the restaurant and bakery industry. Somewhere along my off and on again search I came across Software Advice who provided 3 different companies and ended up getting Primalogik. I've been using them for about one month give or take for several businesses and so far it works great!

Pros: 1. Mulit-manager input for all employees - I don't have to assign a cashier to one manager. Being in the restaurant industry managers work with almost all cashiers and therefore need to be able to add notes to everyone and not just the cashier they are assigned to.
2. The price is reasonable compared to all the other companies out there.
3. Its simple and direct, gets right to the point and is super user friendly.
4. It summarizes all mgmt evaluations into one final evaluation for the employee.
5. I can use it on my cell, laptop, computer - great for on site staff as most of them use it on their cell phones.
6. Have the options to turn everything into spanish.
7. Customer support is great! They really work with you to give you what you need and if they don't have it they find a way to try and implement it.
8. Free trial to test it out.

Cons: 1. I had to put all my upper mgmt team with the HR privilege in order for them to have access to all staff and be able to write in each file which works great but having all upper mgmt with HR privilege allows upper mgmt to go into other mangers files which can cause major problems. Currently we are looking for solutions and are leaning towards opening up another account just for upper mgmt without the HR privilege.
2. Journal entries don't have set categories where employees can simple click on a category such as Late, No call no show, bad conduct, etc. However, they are already working on that which goes back to one of my PROS - this company really listens to you input/needs and try to find a solution.

Vendor Response

by Anibal on 12/6/2016

Thank you Johanna for your kind review. We really spend quite a bit of energy in the design of the application so that it's useful, user friendly and extremely effective and powerful. Your direct feedback, in particular with the Employee Journal module, has been invaluable and we truly appreciate your ongoing support with your restaurants.

With respect to the HR issue that you mentioned, we're actually doing an upgrade soon (hopefully this next weekend) that will allow you to use the system without having to create another organization! The fix will allow managers to have multiple people with the HR privilege while maintaining the access restrictions to the other HR personnel files.

And, as you know, the functionality to add tagging (and categories) to the Employee Journals is something that's high on our list of priorities and should be addressed in a future version of the platform.

Thanks again for your continued support.


Easy to implement and easy to use 360 feedback solution

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5 / 5
Ease of Use
Features & Functionality
5 / 5
Customer Support
Value for Money

Comments: After reviewing several potential 360 feedback tools and trying the free version of many of them, Primalogik 360 was the best fit for our company. This service is definitely worth the money we paid for it. The product is extremely easy to set up and implement. The user experience is very intuitive so there was very little training we needed to do to roll out this tool. The automated email reminders and built in reporting features made it really easy to track who had responded and who had not. The last time we did this we tracked it all through excel spreadsheets and compiled everything manually. This was much easier. There is a feature that compares a single individual to the aggregate results of all others who were rated using the same survey. It also indicates if that individual was an extremely high performer or low performer which is helpful from a comparison perspective. Custom surveys are really easy to set up. The variable privacy settings are a great feature. It helped us facilitate a truly anonymous review process which resulted in truly candid and useful feedback. There are a few areas where I believe the product could be enhanced to facilitate and streamline the delivery of the 360 feedback results. 1. The output PDF consolidates the feedback really well but the default font size is quite small. An option to vary the size of the output text would be nice. 2. It would also be helpful if the admin users had the ability to edit/remove individual comments. We did not need this functionality too much but there were some instances where a reviewer left a comment that was not appropriate to share with the person being reviewed. There is no easy way to exclude this comment before producing the default PDF. A solution for this would also be great. There was another issue that I came across which was that during the survey building process there was no way to add a descriptive text field that you might use for an introduction or header. I reached out to the service department of the company and they were very responsive and actually implemented a solution to this issue before I rolled out my surveys. I am not sure if the company will always be able to address issues this quickly but it was nice to see how quickly they responded to client inquiries and found solutions. I reached out a few times during the first week while I was setting up the product and received very quick responses from the service department.