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Escritórios de advocacia, departamentos jurídicos e organizações governamentais de todos os tamanhos.

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  • Praticidade 4.5 / 5
  • Atendimento ao cliente 5 / 5
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  • Implantação Nuvem, SaaS, web
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    Ao vivo online
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  • Logikcull
  • http://logikcull.com/
  • Fundada em 2004

Sobre o Logikcull

O Logikcull.com é uma descoberta instantânea para equipes jurídicas modernas. Sua solução segura e baseada em nuvem ajuda escritórios de advocacia e organizações de todos os tamanhos a resolverem desafios caros, complexos e arriscados associados a eDiscovery, investigações internas e resposta a registros abertos. Com o Logikcull, você pode iniciar um projeto de descoberta em cinco segundos, de qualquer lugar, a qualquer momento, em qualquer dispositivo. Revisar dados é tão fácil quanto realizar uma pesquisa no Google. E no Logikcull, seus dados estão sempre seguros.

Recursos do Logikcull

  • Análise de dados visual
  • Classificação de dados
  • Correspondência de dados
  • Identificação de dados sigilosos
  • Pesquisa contextual
  • Preparação de dados por autoatendimento
  • Redução de falsos positivos
  • Agregação temática
  • Análise de dados do caso
  • Extração de metadados
  • Extração de texto completo
  • Gestão de conformidade
  • Indexação de documentos
  • Linhas de discussão
  • Pesquisa de palavras chave
  • Rastreamento de documentos
  • Gerenciamento de contatos
  • Gestão de dados
  • Gestão de incidentes
  • Perfis de sujeitos
  • Relatórios e estatística
  • Arquivo morto e retenção
  • Colaboração
  • Controle de versões
  • Controles do acesso
  • Gestão de contratos
  • Indexação de documentos
  • Marcação de documentos
  • Montagem de documentos
  • Pesquisa de texto completo

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Logikcull: Fairly good, still needs some work

Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 11/11/2016
Joshua S.
Escritório de advocacia, 201-500 funcionários
Usou o software para: 1 a 5 meses
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4 / 5
3 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
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Relação qualidade/preço
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Pouco provável Muito provável

Comentários: Logikcull is a web-based document review program, designed for human reviewers to sift through documents (as opposed to the new wave that are extremely automated). Many of the features of the program are fairly standard for this field: It imports documents (in my case, PST files from Outlook), scans them for duplicates, OCRs documents that don't already have machine-readable text, & allows the review manager to run boolean searches on the documents to weed out obviously non-responsive documents, set up tags, & parcel out sets to reviewers who then read through the documents & tag them according to the review protocol. I've used a number of different doc review programs over the course of about a decade, some using locally-installed software, some run through web browsers. Logikcull seems to be well put together & as capable as most. My personal opinion is that automated review software is the way to go in the future (I regret the effect this will have on reviewers' incomes, but reviewing is a terrible job to have to endure, & honestly, software with some human management can probably avoid human errors & reduce the amount of manpower required to produce a good set of documents) so Logikcull isn't where it needs to be. In addition, there are some glitches: You can't review too fast, because you must wait for each tag a reviewer codes to be saved before doing the next one. Tags can be assigned colors, but the colors glitch back to their defaults for no clear reason all the time, making this rather useless. Tags can't be renamed, & organization is frustratingly limited. The interface is attractive (not that anything wouldn't be compared to, say, Kroll) but 'fat' -- It takes up a lot of screen space, & I ultimately had to start using a 40" 4K monitor for comfort. You can't see search term highlighting in the actual document view; it can be accessed, but not conveniently. There is no near-duplicate matching, or assistance in finding single documents that include entire threads to reduce duplicative reviewing. The software doesn't make it easy to see how families & threads are organized, & under some circumstances can become hopelessly fouled up in this regard. If you need to code whole families & threads, it doesn't give you good estimates of project scope. Etc. I have found their support staff to be easily reachable & helpful. They are receptive to feature requests & bug reports, but I haven't noticed any of mine acted upon yet.

Vantagens: It's run through a web browser, so no need to install special software. The UI is attractive and easy to understand. It seems to be able to cope with large reviews. There are a lot of different criteria which can be used for boolean searching to pare down the documents into a potentially-responsive pool. Most importantly, the support provided by the company is very responsive; I never have a problem getting someone to answer me, usually very quickly. Uptime is good (though scheduled downtime does occur, rather than the system being designed for five nines uptime).

Desvantagens: The most serious problem is that if you try to tag too quickly, Logikcull can fail to save your work, & can fail silently so that you don't know unless you look for it. This arises when you want to tag a document with more than one tag & check the second tag before the first one has indicated that it has finished saving (which takes a second). This is not good for fast reviewers, as it slows their pace to that of the software's ability to save. Other issues:
* You can't rename tags after they are created, & cannot reorganize them at will
* No identification of near-duplicates
* Boolean searching could be refined in several ways. I appreciate the highly granular options, but I would like some less-granular ones too, like whether an e-mail address appears in any e-mail address field. Also, the ability to use a mixture of handwritten searches and assisted searches using forms (right now the form wipes out the handwritten search).
* Live filters on search results cannot be frozen; If you do a search, & then filter out tagged documents, tagging one of those will knock it out of the filtered results immediately, making this unhelpful for resuming partially completed sets.
* Poor handling of threads and families: Can only view one family in one thread at a time, no combined hierarchical view, serious problems if an e-mail has another e-mail as an attachment. (Thanks, Outlook!)
* Tag custom colors glitch; also not many options
* Very limited names, re: symbols, length

Resposta dos fornecedores

por Logikcull em 24/08/2018

Hi Joshua,

we appreciate your candid review, and we agree that automated review is the future of discovery. That¿s why we¿re working hard to build Instant Discovery - where you can start a project in seconds, search documents with Google-like ease, and where all of the risks associated with traditional eDiscovery solutions are eliminated. I trust that since you first began using Logikcull, you¿ve noticed the platform moving quickly in this direction. To address some of your other comments directly, handwritten documents are now searchable on Logikcull and you can also toggle any search between frozen and dynamic, and filter on the ends of threads in Logikcull. And soon, you will be able to rename tags after they are created. Again, we thank you for your great feedback. It is essential to helping us improve the user experience. Our 24/7 support chat is always available to help you in any way possible, or feel free to reach our support team at [email protected]

Very Good Option for Hosted E-Discovery Solution

Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 07/04/2016
Tom F.
Fonte da avaliação 
5 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
Suporte ao cliente
Relação qualidade/preço

Comentários: This software has a very approachable user interface with a clean, modern look and substantial power on the back end to handle e-discovery projects. It is all browser based and works by providing search results in batches that can be filtered, coded and tagged, including by family structure. I had no problems in accessing the program and it is secure because it is in the cloud. It works well even just doing simple searches, but once you learn more about how to find and manage the results, its power and ability to speed up projects can really shine. It can handle complex searches and uses filters effectively to speed up the process for lawyers or reviewers. The speed is very good and it processes searches quickly. It can use an unlimited number of tags which can be very helpful, but will require protocols for a case with lots of people involved. The production process is fast and fairly simple and creates load files for all the major platforms although some additional output options would be nice if you have complex output requirements. I would like to see additional options regarding processing of privileged material so that you choose to Bates number it, but then not produce it. The initial indexing occurs fairly quickly although unusual file types can sometimes slow it down, but had over 60GB processed and ready in less than 24 hours. The staff is very knowledgeable and responsive, which is helpful, especially at the beginning of using the product. The product is priced to compete well with vendors for serious projects and can easily handle small projects. One issue that can arise, as is true in any per-GB solution, is to try to eliminate useless files before upload so they don't count against your data limits. In addition to the namesake ability to "cull" non-responsive materials (which means they don't show up in later searches), the Company is adding the ability to remove unwanted data which will reduce the storage needed on projects. This is a very competitive e-discovery platform and I would recommend taking a look to see if it is the right fit. It is geared towards firms that will have a number of e-discovery projects (even though it could be used for one off projects) and its benefits will only grow as the users become more proficient with it. It has a base monthly charge, which you can likely pass through, but the advantage is that you can cut out processing costs from e-discovery vendors.

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