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WeSuite is the leading provider of sales process management software to the electronic security, alarm and fire dealer industries.

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20 avaliações
  • Geral 4.5 / 5
  • Praticidade 4.5 / 5
  • Atendimento ao cliente 4.5 / 5
  • Recursos 4 / 5
  • Relação qualidade/preço 4 / 5

Detalhes do produto

  • Preço inicial $69.95/mês
  • Versão gratuita Não
  • Avaliação gratuita Sim
  • Implantação Instalado - Mac
    Nuvem, SaaS, web
    Instalado - Windows
    Celular - iOS nativo
    Celular - Android nativo
  • Formação Pessoalmente
    Ao vivo online
  • Suporte Horário comercial

Dados sobre o fornecedor

  • WeSuite
  • http://wesuite.com/
  • Fundada em 2008

Sobre o WeSuite

Leading Sales Software for Security Integrators created to help our clients build strong & permanent operational methodologies throughout their company. WeSuite provides lead management, quote & proposal generation, real time reporting, in-the-field quoting & surveying, in addition to over 10 software modules targeted for business improvement. WeSuite solutions provide immediate ROI & ongoing savings along with excellence in training & ongoing support ensuring the highest level of satisfaction.

Recursos do WeSuite

  • Acompanhamento de atividades
  • Captura de leads
  • Distribuição de leads
  • Ferramentas de prospecção
  • Gestão de campanhas
  • Gestão do pipeline
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Rastreamento de fonte
  • Segmentação de leads
  • Assinatura eletrônica
  • Biblioteca de conhecimento
  • Colaboração
  • Controle de versões
  • Formatação automática
  • Gerenciamento de contatos
  • Gerenciamento de documentos
  • Gestão de RFP
  • Gestão de calendários
  • Gestão de requisitos
  • Gestão de revisões
  • Gestão de tarefas
  • Gestão do pipeline
  • Modelos
  • Repositório de conteúdo
  • Configurador de produto
  • Cotação automática
  • Gerenciamento de contatos
  • Gestão de catálogos
  • Gestão de descontos
  • Gestão de preços
  • Imagem de marca personalizável
  • Portal do cliente
  • Banco de dados do cliente
  • Geração de propostas
  • Gerenciamento de contatos
  • Gestão de campanhas
  • Gestão de canais
  • Gestão de chamadas
  • Gestão de comissões
  • Gestão de contratos
  • Gestão de leads
  • Gestão de oportunidades
  • Gestão de vendas de campo
  • Gestão territorial
  • Indicadores de desempenho
  • Marketing por e-mail
  • Previsão de vendas
  • Rastreamento de recomendações

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Contact to Contract: WeSuites is the perfect fit.

Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 30/07/2015
Paul C.
Fonte da avaliação 
5 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
Suporte ao cliente
Relação qualidade/preço

Comentários: From the beginning there were important items we considered when looking at sales oriented software, such as prospecting data captured, ease of estimating, and integration with Sedona, paperless and overall consistency with our sales presentations and product pricing and delivery. WeSuites seem to be the perfect fit.
The staff of WeSuites has been wonderful from the beginning. The conversion has been stressful and time-consuming as with any major software integration, but the patience of their staff has been exceptional and is making the process enjoyable. The only real frustration I feel is in hindsight, looking at the how inefficient and lacking our process was before WeSuites.
We are looking forward to the next phase of our conversion, particularly the evolution of our sales process with the Quote Anywhere product and e-signing documentation.

Resposta dos fornecedores

por WeSuite em 30/07/2015

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience thus far. It was very important for us to offer all of these aspects with our Software. As experienced Security Industry professionals, our Partners and Developers took a lot of time and effort to develop this Software that sells itself as the Perfect Fit for your organization.

We appreciate your patience as we work with you to perfect this Sales solution and mold it to your groups' needs. We understand how sometimes trying implementing such a powerful product can be, so we really aim to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

You are not alone when you share your frustration with seeing how inefficient and lacking your process was before WeSuite, but we are so happy you have taken the steps towards serious improvement and efficiency!

We very much look forward to your continued Success. Your Success is our Success. Thanks again for your time and candidness.

Katie Boyd

WeSuite has really helped us to improve our business practices!

Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 31/07/2015
Brian M.
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Fonte da avaliação 
5 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
Suporte ao cliente
Relação qualidade/preço

Comentários: We began using We Suite in 2013. Prior to that we did not have a true check and balance to our sales process. We also had a very manual process in place from start to finish of the process.

Since the implementation of We Suite, we have made many strides in improving the sales process, not only at the business level, but at the field/sales rep level.

At the sales rep level, the reps are now able to find their customer, create a quotation, generate that quotation via email to a client, generate the contract and process the order via one tool, which has significantly streamlined how they operated previously.

At the business level, We Suite/We Opportunity gives us very clear insight into their funnel and appointment activity. It also allows us to manage the pricing that they are able dictate to the market and force approvals with certain thresholds, something that was an extremely manual process previously. This is extremely helpful to me to be able to manage the funnel and the sales prices of items with a keystroke and require approvals where deals don't pass the "smell" test, improving our profitability and insight into the day to day of our sales reps.

Working closely with the We Suite team has been very beneficial on creating reports and utilizing the system to its full functionality. Funnel management, cost control and automation were a wish for many years at the business level. They are now a daily reality and great help to us in improving the business.

Resposta dos fornecedores

por WeSuite em 31/07/2015


Thanks so much for your candid feedback. It is an amazing feeling when automation becomes the new normal. We are so glad to help turn your company's vision into reality. It makes us so happy to see our customers succeed. Your success is our success!

Katie Boyd

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