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iSolved Time is tailored for the small to mid-size marketplace.

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About This Software

iSolved Time time and attendance replaces manual punch clocks and time sheets with a powerful time tracking system - in the cloud. It combines a host of time collection options with powerful SaaS technology for managing your employee time. No matter what tools you need, every time clock, each application module, and all services combine to create a solution tailored for clients with 50+ employees.

iSolved Time Features

  • Absence Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee Time Clock
  • FMLA Tracking
  • Overtime Tracking
  • Self Service Portal
  • Timesheets
  • Vacation / Leave Tracking
  • Biometric Recognition
  • Hourly Employee Tracking
  • Messaging
  • Mobile Access
  • Online Punch Card
  • Payroll Management
  • Punch card
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Salaried Employee Tracking
  • Sick Leave Tracking
  • Vacation / Leave Tracking
  • Workstation Tracking
  • Activity Tracking
  • Billable Hours Tracking
  • Billing Rate Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Invoice Processing
  • Multiple Billing Rates
  • Project Tracking
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Time Tracking by Client
  • Time Tracking by Project
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Contractor Management
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Labor Projection
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Recruiting Management
  • Scheduling
  • Skills Tracking
  • Time & Attendance
  • Variable Workforce

iSolved Time Most Helpful Reviews

Quite possibly the worst software I have ever used...

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1 / 5
Ease of Use
1 / 5
Features & Functionality
1 / 5
Customer Support
Value for Money

Pros: This software has one merit... the security principals practiced are pentagon level. Your employees will have to type about 5 times the information into their phone or computer as they do to login to their online banking. I can login to my online banking app with about 20 key presses. This app requires more than 40. Passwords are enforced with a complexity that leads to numerous support calls for lost passwords. This would be well and good if the system actually allowed you to access some sort of sensitive data... however the mobile app allows you to punch in and out ONLY with no provision for actually seeing your recorded time. So yes, fort knox security principals that are so onerous your users will HATE you. The app existed in version 3.x before they added an option to save your login name and company id... I have typed my user name and company code hundreds of times during our roll out. This has been addressed now... in version 4. Think about that for a moment. Your company code is a random string your employees will need to remember. The format is X9999999 at least in our case. So yeah, tell your common laborer he must remember C4585209 or something similar to use your time clock... as well as his login name and password.

Cons: The software is at best broken. The development team are slightly above high school level. The support is non existent. You will be told they will fix it in the next version. The phone app does NOT work on all phones. The login screen is "cut off" on smaller screens and there is no way to swipe down to see the login button. No workaround exists as you cannot press the off screen button. NO support. The phone app also does not allow an employee to view their recorded hours. This leads to numerous punches as they believe it did work. Server connectivity issues are very common. Be prepared to "fix" timecards for employees every single day. The check stub viewing app, while integrated into the mobil app, requires the use of a completely different login and stupidly complex password. You WILL be getting calls every week when your employees get locked out because they forgot their password or used the punch login for the paystub side. When this happens, you cannot simply reset the password... no you must send them a system generated email and they have to go through the process of choosing a password and secret questions all over again. Again, I can get into my online banking software MUCH easier. If you expect this software to work with mobile employees think again. Unless they have access to an actual computer they will not be able to see their timecard or paystubs. Your employees WILL HATE YOU if you force them to use this. We are limping this pile of garbage software to the end of our construction season and migrating to a new solution over the winter break. We have lost employees because of this software. The software forces the employees mobile device to use "system time" which is good but it does NOT force the use of GPS when punching. An employee can simply turn off location services before he punches and you have no idea if he was sitting in bed or at the job site.

No Communication

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2 / 5
Ease of Use
2 / 5
Features & Functionality
1 / 5
Customer Support
1 / 5
Value for Money

Comments: They do not return your phone calls!!! We first called to try and get more licenses and were transferred to different people who never returned calls. After that we decided to go with another system due to not being to get return calls to get all of our employees licensed. We then called back and left messages to call back and neither ever did. Finally, we sent emails in requesting to talk about the cancellation and a transition period. 1 month later we received an email back saying our service was canceled. Finally called and got a hold of the customer rep who said "oh yeah I just got an email from finance forwarded to me that you guys wanted to cancel" we had to explain we wanted to work on transition period, had someone actually returned phone calls then they would know. Our bill was paid through the end of the month so we wanted to keep services until then. He set us up to cancel at the end of the month. We tried calling customer support the week before canceling to see if we need to do anything else, also we were using them until the end of the pay period and wanted to know what we needed to do to pull the last of hours. NO ONE RETURNED OUR CALLS AGAIN. Luckily we logged in at 11:30 pm on 4/30/17 and pulled and hours summary, as the next morning we were unable to pull any other reports. The problem is we are a 24/7 facility and this caused issues. This was one of the worst companies we have tried to work with.

Pros: The system was easy to learn, their support team was very friendly. I don't have anymore pros to add to this.

Cons: Their customer service, sales and financing team are terrible. They do not return phone calls or assist in anyway. Reports are not user friendly.