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The independent used car dealer who is looking for top notch dealer management system functionalities at the most competitive price in the market.

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  • Preço inicial $60/mês
  • Versão gratuita Não
  • Avaliação gratuita Sim, consiga uma avaliação gratuita
  • Implantação Nuvem, SaaS, web
    Celular - iOS nativo
    Celular - Android nativo
  • Formação Pessoalmente
    Ao vivo online
  • Suporte Horário comercial

Dados sobre o fornecedor

  • Nowcom Corporation
  • http://www.DealerCenter.com
  • Fundada em 1996

Sobre o DealerCenter

Serving over 11,000 dealers, DealerCenter is a leading provider of dealer management solutions. DealerCenter gives full control over sales, customer management, inventory, credit reports, insurance and financing. With available add-ons of Dealer Websites and Buy Here, Pay Here, it gives you the functionality you need. As an authorized reseller, we can provide access to major credit bureau and book services, vehicle history reports and other services popular with independent dealers.

Recursos do DealerCenter

  • Banco de dados de contatos
  • Buy-Here Pay-Here Dealer
  • Departamento de atendimento ao cliente
  • Gerenciamento de documentos
  • Gestão da contabilidade
  • Gestão de coletas
  • Gestão de financiamento
  • Gestão de locação
  • Integração de site
  • New Car Dealer
  • Used Car Dealer

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CRM review/suggestions

Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 19/12/2018
Gary S.
Sales Manager
Automotivo, 13-50 funcionários
Usou o software para: Mais de dois anos
Fonte da avaliação 
3 / 5
3 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
Suporte ao cliente
5 / 5
Relação qualidade/preço
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Pouco provável Muito provável

Comentários: Should create a stage or bucket system for prospects...
Buckets could consist of stages that a prospect may be in, and would be easier to manage from a perspective of buckets/stages - should have a graphic representing that particular stage or bucket and once clicked into, the data appears..
Also, should have preview/quick view available on hovering over a prospect without having to click into their file... time consuming to have to do that for each prospect Would be ideal to have the ability to attach 3 persons to a prospect, primary and then a couple of secondary persons that would be like a BCC email... easier to manage prospects assigned to a salesperson if I myself and my assistant could be "attached" to the prospect and remain in our planner, so to speak... sometimes when assigning to a salesperson, out of sight becomes out of mind... and the less digging one has to do to find the prospects that are of interest, the better. My advice, act as a potential client and preview some of the other CRM's on the market.... get someone from the car business on your development team or at least on your "board of directors" ... the insight into the business will be valuable. Also.... the smartest CRM on the market today, is Drive Centric.... would be great if ya'll could investigate their platform and glean some ideas... their more expensive, of course... but they are smarter, a lot like your company is. CRM needs too makes sales and follow up EASY EASY as possible :)

Vantagens: > unlimited text
> workflow
> mobile app
> inventory
> call tracking
> desking tool ( newly designed )

Desvantagens: > not designed by "car people", that shows up ...
> very report driven, not enough graphics/charts/visuals
> cannot delete anything from the system, gets very congested
> cannot print from mobile app


Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 21/10/2017
David B.
Usou o software para: Mais de dois anos
Fonte da avaliação 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
Suporte ao cliente
5 / 5
Relação qualidade/preço

Comentários: I stated everything is working right for me at this present time I have tech-support at my fingertips help me out with every case that I bring before themI

Vantagens: The thing that I really like about DealerCenter software is that you can maneuver around the whole application effortlessly the reason I say that is that I have used dealer track and everything you have to upload, book the car out there's so many different screens, but Dealer center has everything is at your fingertips. It's also integrates with our website and inventory. The online technical support is so great and easy to connect with the support center. Myself I've had the opportunity to work with Monica are delicious and the rep that has been very cordial very timely on returning calls and helping set up all applications. Thank you Monica this has been a great experience working with you and I'm looking forward to working with you in the future again thank you.

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