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eCourt meets the needs of courts of all jurisdictions.

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40 avaliações
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  • Journal Technologies
  • Fundada em 1992

Sobre o eCourt

Journal Technologies is the merger of three long standing and successful companies--New Dawn Technologies, Sustain Technologies, and ISD Corporation--with nearly 600 customers in 41 states, 4 countries and 2 U.S. territories. Our browser-based eCourt case management software solution allows you to access and update cases from anywhere, manage work queues, expedite case flow, process cases in court from the bench and save time by searching in a single location for documents and case files.

Recursos do eCourt

  • Audiências administrativas
  • Comitês de apelação
  • Digitalização de documentos
  • Expedientes de acusados
  • Gestão de calendários
  • Gestão de coletas
  • Gestão de jurados
  • Gestão de multas
  • Gestão de processos recursórios
  • Histórico de casos
  • Registros de custos judiciais
  • Seguimento de intimações
  • Seguimento de mandados

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Great product, but not 100% for Michigan Courts...yet.

Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 12/07/2010
Brandon C.
Information Technician
Fonte da avaliação 
4 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
Suporte ao cliente
Relação qualidade/preço

Comentários: Overall I would recommend JustWare to other Courts. My only advice would be to take time with data conversion. We were working with an unrealistic deadline which caused us not to be ready at go-live. Some users became very frustrated in the process and instead of enjoying the new system they are still bitter. Again, the staff has been excellent to work with to fix issues that may arise and to add functionality to the system. We are doing much more today with our software system than what was possible with our past system. The software is up-to-date using the latest Microsoft standards. This means WE are in charge of our data, not our software vendor. Our last system stored the data in a proprietary structure that made conversion very difficult and costly. With JustWare our data can be exported out of SQL in a matter of minutes.

Vantagens: Many features and tons of customizations. Most of the system can be used with very little training. It's very google-esque in it's search capabilities which gives users something familiar to work with. Document authoring using JDA is very simple and intuitive and makes creating or editing a document within JustWare very quick and can be as simple or complex as needed. Building basic reports within report builder also allows us freedom to create our own reports. With our past software we were unable to create our own documents or reports. JustWare support has been excellent. During business hours we always get support personnel on the support line instead of an operator or recording. The staff at NewDawn is both very knowledgeable and excellent to work with. Nick, Dave Pabst and a few others have been a tremendous help to us. I hope they are paid well ;).

Desvantagens: State of Michigan reporting has been difficult. Many reports have not been submitted by us to the State. We have been working with JustWare to get reports created, but we still have a little bit to go before we are 100% "State of Michigan compliant." If any other courts in Michigan sign up with JustWare they will have a much easier time as many of the reports are already created for Michigan. I still feel it is in NewDawn's best interest to work with us and SCAO to get these reports created so NewDawn can say JustWare is 100% Michigan ready.

Spokane Municipal Probation Review of JustWare Prosecutor

Traduzir com Google Avaliado em 16/07/2010
Misty G.
Probation Officer
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3 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
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Relação qualidade/preço

Comentários: 1. Be sure you've thoroughly set-up and tested your systems before rolling them out. We've had to make complete and major changes since implementation, and this has been confusing for our staff. 2. It's ideal to have a dedicated IT person to help with reporting and data issues. A person with SQL knowledge is a bonus! 3. This is a great program with immense capabilities. Try looking outside of the box to fix issues sometimes. The NDT staff is wonderful about brainstorming with you too!

Vantagens: There are a ton of capabilities with this program that we are only tapping the surface of! Since our purchase of this program, our department is almost paper free! The customer services from NDT is phenomenal. You actually get to talk to a person and they are always so willing to help all of our matter how trivial or how difficult. The reporting functions and capabilites are fantastic. Being able to search on our "Case Correspondence" has been a great tool as well. I've newly discovered the power of Business Rules as well. I highly recommend getting to know how these work, because they are a great way to minimize some work for others in your office if used properly!

Desvantagens: Our Probation Department shares a database with the Prosector's department. There are many capabilities for partitioning information from each other, but since we are in a "Prosecutor's" database, we've really had to spend a great deal of time and research manipulating input procedures so that this database fits our needs. I believe those who made the decision of putting us on the same database were trying to save money in the long run, but we'll see as time passes if that decision will have more negative repurcussions in the future. I would like for us to be on our own database....but the darn economy! :)

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