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Medium and large organizations. Private enterprises, Government Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations, and Educational Institutions rely on InvGate Assets on a daily basis to meet their ITAM needs.

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71 avaliações
  • Geral 4.5 / 5
  • Praticidade 4.5 / 5
  • Atendimento ao cliente 4.5 / 5
  • Recursos 4.5 / 5
  • Relação qualidade/preço 4.5 / 5

Detalhes do produto

  • Versão gratuita Não
  • Avaliação gratuita Sim, consiga uma avaliação gratuita
  • Implantação Instalado - Mac
    Nuvem, SaaS, web
    Instalado - Windows
    Celular - iOS nativo
    Celular - Android nativo
  • Formação Ao vivo online
  • Suporte 24 horas por dia (representante ao vivo)
    Horário comercial

Dados sobre o fornecedor

  • InvGate
  • http://www.invgate.com
  • Fundada em 2004

Sobre o Assets

IT Asset Management Software. Powerful, comprehensive and feature rich control of IT infrastructure via a modern and intuitive web-based interface. Key features include Automated Inventory, Network Discovery, Software Deployment & Metering, License Management and Financial tracking. Count on reliable, precise and updated information about your software and hardware assets to maximize ROI and decrease TCO. Enjoy rapid, autonomous, hassle free implementation; typically in less than 4 hours!

Recursos do Assets

  • Acesso remoto
  • Agendamento
  • Elaboração de orçamento de TI
  • Estoque de ferramentas
  • Gerenciamento de correções
  • Gestão de conformidade
  • Gestão de licenças
  • Inventário de software
  • Monitoramento da atividade do usuário
  • Monitoramento de capacidades
  • Registros de eventos
  • Gerenciamento de configuração
  • Gestão da manutenção
  • Gestão de aquisições
  • Gestão de auditorias
  • Gestão de contratos e licenças
  • Gestão de estoques
  • Gestão de fornecedores
  • Gestão de requerimentos
  • Rastreamento de conformidade
  • Rastreamento do custo
  • Ativação do produto
  • Gestão de nós
  • Licença de avaliação
  • Licenças portáteis
  • Proteção contra cópias
  • Rastreamento de licenças

As avaliações mais úteis do Assets

Our experience with the InvGate Service Desk has been excellent

Avaliado em 25/06/2018
Brian W.
Director of IT Support
Hospitais e Saúde, 1.001-5.000 funcionários
Usou o software para: Mais de um ano
Fonte da avaliação 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
5 / 5
Suporte ao cliente
5 / 5
Relação qualidade/preço
Probabilidade de recomendação:
Pouco provável Muito provável

Comentários: I have been able to simplify many processes for our business and provide one place for our users to communicate with various departments within the business.

Vantagens: There are many things that I enjoy but the ability to customize the product to handle whatever situation our business has is a major pro. I have been able to setup tickets and workflows for many different departments within the business that helps simplify processes for them. The gamification process adds a unique experience for our agents and allows for friendly competition. The InvGate service desk also provides a better visual experience for our agents and end users compared with our previous product. It allows the agents to better tell what is happening with a quick view of the dashboards and the tickets assigned to them so they know what they need to work on.

Desvantagens: I would like to see more built in templates for the badge system including icons that are built in as well. It would also be nice to have multiple views for coins earned for agents rather than the standard 60 days rolling period.

Easy to Create Ticket, rocky metrics creation

Avaliado em 14/08/2018
Sr. Stock Plan Analyst
Internet, 1.001-5.000 funcionários
Usou o software para: Mais de um ano
Fonte da avaliação 
4 / 5
4 / 5
Recursos e funcionalidades
Suporte ao cliente
Relação qualidade/preço
Probabilidade de recomendação:
Pouco provável Muito provável

Comentários: Service Desk is a good tool that can use some additional tweaking so that it can remain resourceful while flexible like writing an email.

Vantagens: I like that the tickets can be designed to be used very simple and you can require any level of detail you'd like from the user. I also like that you can program a search bar for the participant while they are creating a ticket in case they can find the info they are looking. I also like that Service Desk can be integrated with confluence and there is a section in the ticket for the administrator where I can easily reference an article for the client.

Desvantagens: I think the ticketing system is not as flexible as writing a simple email, and I don't like that when you are responding to a person's request you can't really see their original question while you're typing their answer. Also, running a report of all of the questions is very difficult to do in a clean way, and I have to use a legend of my creation in order to translate the code name of the topics to English names.

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